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Supernatural Intervention

The teaching series continues in Exodus 17 as the children of Israel are engaged in battle with the Amalekites.  From this passage we learn the importance of why we must defeat a sabotage to our destiny.  We also see the importance of prevailing prayer and support from others when we are vulnerable.  The revelation of God’s name Jehovah Nissi is also studied.  We discover Jesus Christ as our Jehovah Nissi.


On The Road Again

The children of Israel on their journey to the Promised Land are seriously exasperating.  Though God has provided for them supernaturally on two different occasions….here they are 30 days into the journey and they are still steeped in unbelief and constant grumbling and complaining.  They have forgotten His miracles.  They have forgotten His goodness and His plans.  Before we become too judgmental, we must take a hard evaluation of our own attitudes and ask Holy Spirit to shine the Light of His Presence into the recesses of our hearts.  We may need a readjustment!


A Call To Prayer

Urgent message on “A Call to Prayer” for our nation.  Seeking God in prayer for a righteous return of the hearts of Americans.  Proverbs 14:34 states that it is righteousness that exalts a nation.  Righteousness.  Not a strong economy, a war chest, free enterprise, strong military might or a certain political candidate or political party.  Evil is always warring against righteousness.  The fight in this nation is for the destiny and purpose of our children and children’s children, and all the generations to follow until Christ’ return.


An Exercise in Trust

We continue our series with the children of God as they journey towards their promised land.  It seems God has led them to an impossible place.  It’s in this place of impossibility that God will deliver with His mighty hand and reveal His glory, but there are lessons to be learned.


A Mother’s Example

Paul wrote to the church at Corinth, the lives of the children of Israel serve as examples for us.  Not all were examples to follow.  Some were examples to avoid.  The example of Jochebed, the biological mother of Moses is a great example to learn from.  Jochebed was a woman of great courage.  Parenting is not for cowards.  Jochebed was a woman of great faith.  Parenting is not for the fainthearted.  She was a woman of great creativity.  Parenting is not for the lazy.  Jochebed was a woman of great trust.  Parenting is not for the doubtful.  Though present in the life of Moses for only an abbreviated season, Jochebed established a strong foundation for Moses to build his life upon.


Finish The Race

The Apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian the importance of self-discipline to assist in finishing the race.  He compares the life of a believer to a runner in an athletic competition.  A believer and an both have purpose.  As believers, we are not in this life to randomly walk through it – we have purpose and destiny.  To finish our race we must have self-control, self-government and intentional discipline.  We must continue seeking God and be actively engaged in the Christian life.