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Monthly Archive: September 2020


Fan or Follower?

The journey continues with the children of Israel and our own 2020 journey.  Discover the truth with us as we explore the parallel between the Israelites journey and the journey of the body of Christ in this season.  We ponder this truth.  The majority of the children of Israel were fans of God, but never became true followers of God.  This truth is evidenced by their continued actions of immaturity and failure.  God has designed and appointed the year 2020 to shake the nations to define for kingdom purposes, who are the fans of God and who are the followers of God.  He shaking people, He’s shaking families, He’s shaking communities, He’s shaking nations to bring separation, a line of demarcation between fans and followers.  Fans are going to fall away.  Followers are going to cling.


Near or Far… It’s Your Choice, part 2

God issued an invitation to the children of Israel to come to Mount Sinai to receive the covenant.  The people consecrated themselves and on the morning of the 3rd day, Moses brought them out of the camp to the foot of the mountain.  The Presence of the Lord descended on the mountain in an extreme powerful display.  The people feared greatly and allowed their fear to rule in their decision making.  Exodus 20:21 draws a line in the sand for us.  It states, “The people stood far off, while Moses drew near to the thick darkness where God was.”  We all are being called into a deeper encounter with Him.  He desires to be a Father to us who is intimately involved in every detail of our lives.  We must examine ourselves and ask the question in honesty, “Is our heart drawing near or standing far off from His Presence?”


Near or Far… It’s Your Choice

Moses chose to draw near to God’s Presence.  The people chose to stand far off.  God issues an invitation to each of us to draw near to Him.  Yes, it can be a little scary to walk into the mysterious unknowns of God’s glory.  But the blessings of His Presence hold more love and grace than we can ever imagine.  Near or far… the choice is yours.